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A Letter to my Pain………

Good morning pain…..actually there is nothing “good” about it……..and yet we meet again. You’re such a self-centered one aren’t you? You’re always thinking about yourself. You have no regard for me or my needs. You don’t care that I was … Continue reading

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Words from my Heart

As I lay here in the quiet tranquility of the night, I reminisce of days gone by and of a life well lived. 

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NOT My New Normal

Words can be powerful.  They can be thought-provoking, encouraging, and inspiring.   They can also be mean-spirited, unfeeling  and demeaning.  We must always be careful what we say and to whom we say them.  No matter what we are going … Continue reading

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My Season of Change

It’s funny as I watch the Seasons pass, one to the other, how fast time moves the older I get.

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After the Party’s Over

I’ve had an extremely full Christmas season.  It seems like yesterday I was looking at 2 weeks of vacation.  Christmas was right around the corner and New Year’s was soon to follow with numerous family gatherings and friendly functions coming … Continue reading

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Consider it pure Joy!

I have recently gone back to work after a considerable amount of time being out due to my illness.  It has not been an easy road.  I have spent a lot of time this week in pain.  I have spent … Continue reading

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