NOT My New Normal

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Words can be powerful.  They can be thought-provoking, encouraging, and inspiring.   They can also be mean-spirited, unfeeling  and demeaning.  We must always be careful what we say and to whom we say them.  No matter what we are going through at any given time, our words should always be spoken with love , caring and understanding.  We need to realize that everyone we meet is experiencing a battle we know nothing about………..

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To Be Set Free

John Constable-424836

As I gazed through the car window the other day I was taken in by the opulent beauty of the sky overhead.  There were grey and white clouds softly caressing each other as they loosely billowed over the elusive azure in the background.  It appeared as though the blue was fighting against the grey and white in front of it in an attempt to break free and possess the entire sky. There were a few shimmering moments where I could see the sun trying to poke its way out in an attempt to brighten the day and illuminate it into a scintillating sapphire luminescence.  I remember thinking the scene looked just like a painting.  My heart was overwhelmed.

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My Season of Change


It’s funny as I watch the Seasons pass, one to the other, how fast time moves the older I get.

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After the Party’s Over


I’ve had an extremely full Christmas season.  It seems like yesterday I was looking at 2 weeks of vacation.  Christmas was right around the corner and New Year’s was soon to follow with numerous family gatherings and friendly functions coming up.  Now however, it suddenly seems the party is over and I am left extremely exhausted!

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“For Unto Us a Child is Born…….”

The Christmas Metaphor

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And the Greatest of These…………


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Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men.


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