And The “Who Let the Dog’s Out” Contest Winner is…….

dog winner

Congratulations Abby and Zoey!!!

Congratulations to Abby and Zoey on winning the Cutest pet contest!  The judging was left up to my wonderful family and you have been declared the winners!  Thank you to all who participated.  It was great fun to see photos of your wonderful pets!

These wonderful dogs belong to Lisa  AKA “Sarcoidosissoldier.”  You can read more about Abby and Zoey as well as more about Lisa and her writings on her blog at


I’ve asked Lisa to share a few words about her pets.  She writes the following:

Zoey and Abby are both Old English Sheepdogs (OES), a once beloved and well known breed back in the 1950s and 60s from movies like The Shaggy Dog and shows like Don’t Eat The Daisies. The breed is in decline and in danger of becoming extinct due to poor breeding practices. We are part of an effort to bring awareness to this problem and change it! People often stop to meet Zoey and Abby when we are out for a walk and we frequently get told that people had an OES as a kid. Our girls often bring back fond memories for folks when they see us out and about.

Zoey is 12 years old and Abby is 9 months. They are from the same kennel and are related. Abby is Zoey’s sister’s daughter’s dog. How’s that for a brain teaser!

We are contemplating breeding Abby when she is old enough.

I expect Zoey to live forever because I can’t live without her. Zoey has done some pet therapy work in assisted livings and nursing homes.

As a breed the OES are known as clowns. They are great with children. They love to play and they love to snuggle. Living with an OES is like living with a giant teddy bear! Grooming is an almost daily commitment because matting is a huge problem for this breed. They also require daily exercise. They are not the right dog for every home…that’s for sure. But those willing to make the commitment, the rewards of owning an OES far out way the work.

My dogs are my pride and joy and have been a huge life saver to me since I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis. They not only give me a reason to get up in the morning, they force me exercise and keep moving!

I adore my dogs and I love to share them with other people because they tend to make people happy!

1341471092234A few more photos of these adorable dogs.  Thank you again for sharing them with us Lisa!!!  :


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2 Responses to And The “Who Let the Dog’s Out” Contest Winner is…….

  1. Thank you Dan’s family for picking my pooches as the winners of this cute little contest. They are great fun to have around…clowns really.

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