Now and Forever

20073_1323869184274_4294402_nMy wife and I celebrated our 18th anniversary this past summer.  We have been through a lot in those years just like most couples.  This illness brought its own set of “opportunities” to overcome.  When our youngest son Justin was two, sometime around our 5th Wedding anniversary (I’m sure Julie would correct my memory on the exact timing) I sat down and wrote my wife a poem.  It is entitled “Now and Forever.”  At the time I was so proud of myself for penning it out.  Now I read it and “grin” as it seems a bit corny although still as heartfelt as it was back then.  Funny how once you do pen something out it becomes a lasting testament to you and your “creative mind” of the day.  I hope you can enjoy it with a smile……………………..

Now and Forever

As I sit here in the quiet tranquil night,

I find myself pondering the mere existence of time and space.

I realize that without you in my world,

the vibrant colors that I see

would be blanched and pallid.

The music I hear 

would be a sad melody revealing a favorite memory

now faded into a somber retreat.

The enticing aromas I smell,

would simply be the scent of fragrances

waning on the horizon of a once playful soul.

The flavors I savor 

would become bland and insipid.

And the warmth of an embrace,

shallow and repressed

leaving me with a hunger that only you can fill.

I love you with a love that even I am not sure I can fully grasp.

You bring my world light 

where there was once only darkness.

Excitement where there was once only emptiness.

Laughter where there was once only pain.

Come with me, my love, on a wild adventure.

Experience life with me in a way that only seems possible in fiction.

Come away with me to a world of fresh flowers and perfect harmony.

Raise our children with me in fun and chaos.

Let’s embrace together what lay ahead,

always laughing and loving the way we do now.

Do this with me my love.

Now and Forever.


About dansarc

If you enjoy reading about things that inspire you, things that make you giggle, enjoy uplifting music videos, love your pet and beautiful scenery then you have come to the right place. I have recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness and am trying to take one day at a time fitting that into my already crazy life. Come along on my journey as I relay what I have learned along the way. Some of it can be funny and some not so much. Grab a cup of coffee and get your readers on as we travel this road together. Be sure to press that "Like" button if you see something you enjoyed. I'd also love your feedback so feel free to leave me a comment. If you're having a good time and would like to join me again be sure to "Follow" me as well. I'd love to have you!!! I am a dedicated husband and father, diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and doing whatever it takes to get through each day with as much dignity as possible. I do not know what tomorrow brings but I do know who brings tomorrow. Strong faith and a love for Christ and my family is what gets me through each day with a smile on my face. One day, one hour, one minute at a time.....................
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