Moments with my Sister

Lori and me - Edited

Lorie and me after my round of Zometa for Hypercalcemia and her Chemo for Leiomyosarcoma. We could barely keep our eyes open!

My oldest sister Lorie was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma when she was 35.  She was given roughly two years to live.  She is now 51.  She has been through so much in her years battling this wretched disease.  Through the years  she has had numerous surgeries, chemo., radiation, cyber knife, etc.  with tumors in her lungs, neck, spine, pelvis, scalp, arm etc.  


Through it all however, she has remained strong in her faith and positive in her circumstances beyond what most people could fathom as even being possible.   She is, in short, my hero!  I have met few others through the course of my life who have shown as much grace, strength and dignity as I have seen from her.  Her positive outlook, unselfish love for others and Christ shine brighter than most stars in the sky.  A truly amazing human being beyond words.


I had the opportunity to have lunch with  her today.  I took in every moment.  Here is this beautiful woman before me, my sister, one of the people in my life I have had the honor of growing up with……….and I am in awe of the woman she has become.  It’s funny how when you are young you don’t appreciate those moments all the time and as you grow older those moments become fewer and fewer. And when you are faced with illness how those moments become so much more precious than you ever realized before.

live life

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow.  But that becomes even more true with someone who has a disease like cancer.  It is easy I suppose for one to get caught up in the anger and fear of the disease and miss out on the time they have left.  Not my sister though.  She has chosen to live every moment to the fullest, giving of herself to her family, Her husband, her children and her grandchildren, being the example to them that they need her to be.


As I struggle with my own illness and face the every day challenges it poses and feel like I cannot take it one more day, I always find myself thinking about Lorie and the way she handles her circumstances.  She would be the last one to ever tell me her disease was worse than mine and yet, I know what she has gone through, and I am not sure I could do what she does every day.  All any of us can do in our circumstances is try the best we can.  God has provided me with a lot, and I am very thankful for everything He has given me in my life.  He has blessed me with a nice home, a wonderful wife, beautiful children, great friends and family,  Godly parents, and of course, these priceless “moments with my sister.”


About dansarc

If you enjoy reading about things that inspire you, things that make you giggle, enjoy uplifting music videos, love your pet and beautiful scenery then you have come to the right place. I have recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness and am trying to take one day at a time fitting that into my already crazy life. Come along on my journey as I relay what I have learned along the way. Some of it can be funny and some not so much. Grab a cup of coffee and get your readers on as we travel this road together. Be sure to press that "Like" button if you see something you enjoyed. I'd also love your feedback so feel free to leave me a comment. If you're having a good time and would like to join me again be sure to "Follow" me as well. I'd love to have you!!! I am a dedicated husband and father, diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and doing whatever it takes to get through each day with as much dignity as possible. I do not know what tomorrow brings but I do know who brings tomorrow. Strong faith and a love for Christ and my family is what gets me through each day with a smile on my face. One day, one hour, one minute at a time.....................
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16 Responses to Moments with my Sister

  1. Lovely. Thank you for sharing!
    Marcy Westerling


  2. Hi Dan,

    You have a beautiful sister and family! I am so glad to have met you my friend. May GOD bless you. You are an inspiration in my own life.


    • dansarc says:

      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment Tony. I think she is also beautiful inside and out! I’m blessed that we have found each other “Where two or more are gathered…………” God’s blessings on you as well.


  3. Don Sonnentag says:

    Dan, what great comments about your sister and family. We are all blessed by your being part of us!!!! Love you Mom & Dad


  4. Della says:

    God be with you and your sister as you go through life and all of the ups and downs that it holds. None of us can predict what our future holds so it is good to treasure the memories and moments when you can. My prayers are with you and grant you the strength and courage that you need to go through this and for your sister too. God’s Blessings to you!


  5. Joan Ronde Smith says:

    Dan, your family is always in my prayers. My mind often goes back to our youth group days. The trips we went on, the praying, singing, and all the other events we all shared in. We really did not know back then what would be in store for us. You, Vickie, Lorie, me, and Barb. We’ve all traveled different roads, some easier than others and yet there is still so much to be thankful for … even with the tears. I love you all and you all hold a special place in my heart!


    • dansarc says:

      What a wonderful thing to read Joan. Those are memories I will cherish for a lifetime! God is so good and even in the bad times we know He is there! Barb was such a wonderful person. I know she is rejoicing in heaven every day! And I also know you have wonderful memories of your own “moments with your sister.” Love to you as you hold a special place in our hearts as well!


  6. Roy says:

    I lost my wife of 20 years to Leiomyosarcoma…at age 42. I know your sister Lorie and Mark from their time in Goshen, IN. Blessings to you as you battle your own health issues. God is good and will see you through.


    • dansarc says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by Roy. My deepest sympathies to you on the passing of your wife. I cannot imagine at such a young age! Yes God is good and showers His blessings always! May He bless you as well!


  7. Marjana Tribble says:

    I have known Mark and Lorie ever since Zach and Autumn were little. They are amazing people and I am blessed to know them. Lorie is a huge inspiration to me.


  8. Gretiana says:

    You are such an inspiration to me. Bless you.


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