Thank God I Remembered to Add the Chocolate Chips!


So I am up cleaning the house today and see the bananas we have are starting to look a little on the black side so I decide I will make a little banana bread. Mind you I am NOT a baker at all. I LOVE to cook but I am NOT a baker. I hate everything about it. I usually leave that up to my wife Julie……….


According to her and my sons however, my mom makes the best banana bread so I called her in Florida and asked for her recipe.  Later I am adding all the ingredients together based on what I wrote down while talking to my mother.   Kind of like making a list, checking it twice kind of thing. I go over it and over it to make sure I am not forgetting anything. I’m confidant things are good to go, so start blending the ingredients together. Stirring those ingredients by hand is HARD!  I am literally out of breath now and cannot finish stirring without taking a rest. That’s part of my new normal with this rotten disease. It has affected my lungs and I was out of breath now.  That along with my heart palpitations and “brain fog” I’m just a hoot to be around!   hehehehe  Seriously, I can’t even make banana bread without a rest now?   I do not think I am going to win any cooking contests to be sure!   You’ve just got to laugh!  So then after the next round of stirring, I am out of breath again! I am bending over the counter, taking another moment when my 15-year-old comes up behind me, takes me by the shoulders and screams out loud to give his dad a big scare. Well it worked, as I too then was screaming! After we both stopped laughing and I once again was able to catch my breath, I told him how he almost gave me a literal heart attack……the little snot!

mashed bananas

So after all the drama is done and the first 2 loaves of bread are baking in the oven I go back into the kitchen to see how they are coming along. That’s when I see it!  See I already knew the banana bread needed bananas so of course when getting my mom’s recipe I did not write them down on my list………… You know the list I checked over and over again to be sure I did not forget anything?!   So there over on the counter I see the bowl of bananas I mashed up earlier that did not make it in to the now  “Banana-less” banana bread.  Of course it was already too late as by now it was already half baked in the oven! And I was so darn proud of myself a few moments earlier!  Of course at this time I am going to blame this on my new-found brain fog or maybe my mischievous little teenager!!!  Haha! Are you buying it?  Well, anyway after all the hoopla, I did mix the bananas in with the rest of the batter and added a few more ingredients to start over. That banana bread is now long out of the oven and tasted oh so good.


My mom adds chocolate chips to her recipe.  Thank GOD I remembered to add the chocolate chips. Yum!!!!!


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2 Responses to Thank God I Remembered to Add the Chocolate Chips!

  1. valleygirl says:

    ha ha ha ha!!!!


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