Exciting New Adventure.

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Living life with Sarcoidosis.  What a strange name for a strange disease.  I guess it’s kind of fitting that even the name is strange and out of the ordinary.  Even the name makes people scratch their heads and go “What?”  What, indeed!  I mean what is Sarcoidosis anyway? An inflammatory multi-system disease?  What does that mean?  Truth is I’m still learning that myself.  Hard to believe this journey started just 4 months ago.  4 months ago!!!  The longest 4 months of my life………..

pet scan   'We've tried everything.'

I have had so many X-rays, CAT scans, bone scans, PET scans, ultrasounds, MRI’s, Pulmonary function tests, bone marrow biopsies, Lymph node biopsies, stress tests, echocardiograms, EKG’s, ECG’s, Endoscopy’s, Colonoscopy’s, hospitalizations, IV’s, surgeries, doctor appointments, blood draws, medications, inhalers and whatever else my “brain fogged” brain can’t think of, it is almost unbelievable!  And people wonder why I am so fatigued and exhausted that some days I can hardly get out of bed?

gettyimages grief man woman comforting upset depression posed by models

Oh yes the fatigue.  My new “best friend.”  With me every day of my life.  Follows me wherever I go.  I can’t seem to shake it.   Relentless in its hold on me.  Everyone gets tired I am told.  Ha!  Tired. That’s funny.  I long for the days where I just got tired.  When I just needed to lay down a while and I could be fully charged again and ready to go.  Not like this.  Not where I can sleep 12 hours and wake up and still want to sleep 12 hours more and then 12 more after that!  Where does it end?  When does it end?  Does it end?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Truth is nobody really knows.  Really?  Nobody knows?  Really!  Nobody knows!!!  This disease is so confusing, frustrating, downright maddening. Everyone is different so there is no magic formula for getting better.  What works for one may not work for the next.  Plain, simple, and UGLY truth.  So at the end of the day I have 2 options.  I can fight it or I can embrace it.  Depending on whom you talk to I suppose both are viable options.  Fighting only leaves me more tired.  Since I can barely function as it is right now, I guess that means I embrace it.  So embrace it I shall.

Ready or not, Let’s go!!!…………….Time for my “exciting new adventure” to begin!  



About dansarc

If you enjoy reading about things that inspire you, things that make you giggle, enjoy uplifting music videos, love your pet and beautiful scenery then you have come to the right place. I have recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness and am trying to take one day at a time fitting that into my already crazy life. Come along on my journey as I relay what I have learned along the way. Some of it can be funny and some not so much. Grab a cup of coffee and get your readers on as we travel this road together. Be sure to press that "Like" button if you see something you enjoyed. I'd also love your feedback so feel free to leave me a comment. If you're having a good time and would like to join me again be sure to "Follow" me as well. I'd love to have you!!! I am a dedicated husband and father, diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and doing whatever it takes to get through each day with as much dignity as possible. I do not know what tomorrow brings but I do know who brings tomorrow. Strong faith and a love for Christ and my family is what gets me through each day with a smile on my face. One day, one hour, one minute at a time.....................
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12 Responses to Exciting New Adventure.

  1. Z says:

    Hi Dan,

    Great blog, I esp like the line “I long for the days where I just got tired”!

    I must remember that one because it grates me greatly when some well meaning person says `we all get tired`.


    Liked by 1 person

    • dansarc says:

      Thanks for the comment Z. I so agree. I try to be understanding of others no matter what comment they make knowing most people only mean well. Sometimes it is just a bit more challenging! 🙂


  2. Mandymuf says:

    A man of faith will always smile
    Even when his day has been a trial.
    For he knows love….eternal kind
    He knows he’s on The Father’s mind.
    He knows relief will come some day
    When angels carry him away.
    So smile, he will, and praises sing
    For he is needing not one thing.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. IreneMarie says:

    Very thoughtful and heart felt 🙂


  4. Zen1974 says:

    Great Blog. Dan you are AMAZING.


  5. lararick88 says:

    Hi Dan-

    Wow! You have a way with words!!! Thanks for letting me know about your blog too! I enjoyed reading your posts on Inspire as well!
    Reading through all the tests & crap that you have been through could have been taken from my medical files as well.. Even though our diseases are not the same … They are not ‘fun’ ways to spend a day!!

    *Not sure if I signed up properly, because I somehow signed up on this blog thing being able to write my own!?!? Haha… Oh well… Who knows, maybe I will get inspired!!!*

    Take Care,

    -Lara Rick
    PSC patient


  6. valleygirl says:

    Dan, very well written. Love you, my friend.


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